Art & Film - Showcase

The ‘Art and Film’ segment showcases various genres of audiovisual projects, incepted and created by Multidimension, down the years since its foundation in 2011. The principal objective of this section is to cater the stories from different corners of the globe to the audiences. These stories sometimes document the time, or sometimes celebrate the exchange of cultures worldwide.


The ever-changing nature of this world always generates stories and ideas. Multidimension has always sensed the necessity to document those real-time stories with varied perceptions. This process of documentation is a continuous one, and thus Multidimension has developed a rich resource of documentaries based on diverse sectors, incidents, cultures and ideas.
  • Bong Connexion
  • Extremism Denied
  • Fête de la Cité 2013
  • Chinese Diaspora

Art & Artist

Multidimension emphasizes on creating dialogue involving talented artists from the diasporas implanted in France, and tries to capture their mode of expression through their personal art forms, styles and experiments, in the context of a multiethnic and multicultural society.
  • All About Eyes
  • Indian Mythology In Fashion
  • Space Women
  • Tulika's Odissi Dance Workshop


Apart from the documentaries, Multidimension also makes ‘Reportage’ videos in association with its Magazine counterpart. The main goal of this segment is to generate a strong base of news content. To maintain the equilibrium with the continuously growing global industry of information and data, Multidimension reports, covers and features various incidents and events from diverse sectors.
  • Memory And Justice
  • Je Suis Charlie
  • Walk Of Shame
  • Un Pays Nommé Le Bangladesh
  • Savar Tragedy
  • Afghanistan 2014 - Chronicle Of A Transition At Risk

Culture || Events & Interviews

Multidimension is the culmination of diasporas from Indian subcontinent living in France and Bong Connexion is its first cultural project. The first big event took place on 7th July 2013 as a part of the annual festival of Cabaret Sauvage, Paris, "Festival Sin Fonteras ", which presented the cultural diversities from 5 different countries during 5 week-ends in the month of July, i.e, India, Cuba, USA, Bolkan and Caribbean. India was the first on the list. As Multidimension has its cultural bond with Bangladesh, it included the country in this festival under the title "Bong Connexion". Multidimension continues its involvement in different cultural events, as organiser or participant and time to time as sponsor.

Life in diaspora

Video presentation of some events showcasing the life of Indian and Bangladeshi diasporas living in France.
  • Tagore - Le Centenaire Du Prix Nobel (Instants Choisis)
  • Holy 2013
  • Food & Culture
  • Boyshakh 1420

Multi Talks

This section features personality portraits and interviews of celebrities from cinema, theatre, performing art and literature in an effort to understand their visions and ideas in their own fields of work, and takes note of their opinions on varied subjects.
  • Multi Talks - Vishal Bhardwaj
  • Multi Talks - Mostofa Sarwar Farooki
  • Multi Talks - Alankrita Shrivastava
  • Multi Talks - Kalki Koechlin


Multidimension's objective is to promote and produce good music of different genres, primarily putting focus on Bengali traditional folk music and its fusion with Western Rock, Pop, Reggae and House music. The musical journey began in 2012, and in 2018, the company has succeeded to open its first sound recording & mixing studio in Paris.

Tritha Electric

Tritha is one of the artists of Multidimension's cultural project “Bong ConneXion”. Originally from Kolkata, with a background of Indian classical music and composer, Tritha has found an eager audience in France, particularly in Parisian scene, with solid pop-punk style of her group.
  • Ganapati 2014
  • Sajan
  • Radha
  • Baula

Vober Bazar

A film about the journey of a materialistic man into the spiritual world through Baul music from Bengal, and his endeavour to understand its lyrical depth and human values, and the contradiction of its existence in glittering consumer world.
  • Joydeb Song
  • Fakir Song
  • Fotka Baba
  • Gamcha Baba